The Returning Explorer

Hello everybody!

In our Weekly Puzzle section, we will be teasing your brains with a different mathematical or logical puzzle every week. Let’s start with a classic from the great Martin Gardner. According to Gardner, the question is based on an old riddle. He points out that the obvious solution might not be the only one.

So here comes the riddle. Be sure to check the answer which we will be publishing tomorrow.

The Returning Explorer

An explorer is out exploring. He decides to go for a walk to look at his surroundings. He walks one mile due south. He then turns right and walks one mile due west. After that, he turns right again and walks one mile due north. The explorer finds himself exactly at the point from which he started. Suddenly he spots a wild bear. What colour is the bear?

Can you find the answer?
Can you think of other places that the explorer could have started? Hint: there are no wild bears in those other places.

In the original puzzle, the explorer shoots the bear. Nowadays we don’t want to kill the wildlife unnecessarily. So we decide to simply watch the bear, take a few nice photos of it and otherwise leave the animal unharmed.

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