About Tewter

Why Another Revision App?

At Cogito Learning we are passionate about learning. While looking through the market to see the apps available for mathematics revision we noticed that there are a lot of good maths games for primary school level. For GCSE level, on the other hand, most so called revision apps are a simple collection of pages containing the dry facts. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you will find an app that includes some simple multiple choice questions.

We think you deserve better!

We decided to develop an app that simulates the way you would learn in real life. Questions are designed to be to the same standard and variety as the textbook questions of the national curriculum. Most questions are answered in clear text just as you would with a teacher. We think that this prepares you in the best possible way for your exams.

Our advanced symbolic engine will recognise the answers in free form and is not fussy about the exact format.

With Success in Mind

Having children ourselves and having taught mathematics and programming for many years we know how important the right tools are in learning and achieving goals. We have taken great care to create a quality piece of software that works towards achieving those goals.

We have developed a state of the art app and packaged with a clear and easy to use interface. We hope that you find Tewter as useful and beautiful as we do here at Cogito Learning.

(Cogito Learning Ltd)