Weekly Puzzles

A Secret Message: Answer

Here is the answer to yesterday’s question. If you haven’t read it, make sure to read it first.

As promised, I will give you two different answers. The first method has a slight drawback in that each lock can be used only once. The second method avoids this problem by not sending any keys through the mail.

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A Secret Message

Alice wants to send a message to Bob in the mail. Unfortunately, Bob lives with Eve, and they share a letterbox. Bob doesn’t trust Eve when it comes to sniffing around in Bob’s mail. So Alice and Bob want to devise a method of sending the message in such a way that Eve will not be able to read the message.

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The Returning Explorer: Answer

Yesterday we asked you about the returning explorer. If you haven’t read the question, make sure you read it first.

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The Returning Explorer

Hello everybody!

In our Weekly Puzzle section, we will be teasing your brains with a different mathematical or logical puzzle every week. Let’s start with a classic from the great Martin Gardner. According to Gardner, the question is based on an old riddle. He points out that the obvious solution might not be the only one.

So here comes the riddle. Be sure to check the answer which we will be publishing tomorrow.

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